We are what we leave behind.

We are what we leave behind. Memory, identity and history. Cabinet of memories and clinical collections. We may define ourselves as many things, we may go back to our roots and our language, the country we were born in or perhaps the place we lived in more than half of our lives. We may relate with people who have lived similar or in similar situations that we have, speak our language or understand our craft but I truly believe that we are what we have and what we leave behind. We are intricate beings composed of several parts that contain our breath, our thoughts, our emotions. The traces of documents where we jot down our thoughts to what makes us up biologically is who we are. We are a mass of hair, we are able to be found by teeth traces, by writing patterns. We are a mix of irrational and rational situations that come to life in different paths. We have a structure when we are alive, we are part of society and we function yet when we die we leave what we considered important what made us real and we return to the earth to become wind and breath. In this project I gather documents from my ancestors that dictate who they were, when they were born, when they died, what their names where, as well as several booklets with phone numbers belonging to my grandparents. The handwriting is an element that makes me feel close to my memories, a window that lets me see myself reflected in my past and those that make me up. I believe we are a mixture of other people, of influences and emotions. In our heart we keep the love we receive and the love we give yet when we are gone and in a medical and clinical matter we are organs, bones, hair and teeth.

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